Platform Performance, Simplified

Since we’re constantly thinking of ways to help others understand Peer Lending returns, we’ve simplified our platform performance calculations to be more easily understood, more comparable to widely reported bond and stock market returns, and devoid of forecasts and estimations.

When Facts Get In the Way of a Good Story

Bloomberg recently posted a critical article about Lending Club. There are two main points in the article: first, that Lending Club is clandestinely issuing “supposedly” undesirable loans to repeat borrowers, and second, that Lending Club as a company is failing.

Your Financial Superpower

You have a superpower. You’ve probably used it without even knowing what was really happening, and, for better or worse, it has changed your life.

In fact, nearly the entire human race has this ability. It has been honed over thousands of years, and made more efficient with technological innovations and quantified with mathematical formulas.