LendingRobot and NSR Invest Join Forces

We are pleased to announce that NSR Invest and LendingRobot have officially joined forces to become the largest independent robo-advisor in the alternative lending space. The combination of both firms’ robust technologies and expertise puts us in the best position to provide superior investment management services to our clients.

The websites, operating, and trading systems of NSRinvest.com and LendingRobot.com will continue to function separately in the short term as we focus on combining the entities. With this combination of our firms, we are bringing enhanced capabilities to our combined client bases today, and we have big plans for the future. A shining example of the kind of innovation that we will emphasize is the Lending Robot Series Fund, which provides customization, liquidity, and diversification to investors through a transparent, seamless, and low-cost fund structure. You can learn more about the Series here.

We will be able to provide you many new services and areas of expertise in the future. We look forward to discussing those in more depth with you. Please rest assured that the things you love about both platforms will remain the same, including:

• Access to our dedicated client service team
• Support for each marketplace lending provider
• Our low, transparent management fees

If you have any questions about this exciting news and what it will mean for you, please feel free to contact us as at 720-259-0455. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve as your investment advisor in the alternative lending space, and also for your loyalty. We are confident that our new affiliation will serve us all well.


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