LendingClub’s recent changes to state eligibility

On 09/24/2019 LendingClub made changes to their state eligibility for primary market investing. New York, Florida, Texas, and Arizona were impacted by these changes. LendingClub has not provided details on why this change was made or how long they expect the restrictions to last. Here is a link to LendingClub’s State of Residence map. LendingClub…

Announcing a change to the LendingRobot Expected Return

As the Lend Academy Investments team continues to work towards integration between LendingRobot and NSR Invest, today we are pleased to announce a change to the Expected Return displayed for investor accounts. We believe this change will benefit our clients by substantially enhancing the relevance of the return metrics available on the LendingRobot platform. Previously,…

LendingRobot Series Second Quarter Report

LendingRobot Series finished the second quarter with a healthy YTD aggregated return of 2.7%. Each Series’ return and portfolio health is in line with projections. Since April 1st, LendingRobot Series has added over 2,800 loans to its portfolio, more than doubling the number of loans held in each series.