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LendingRobot Series Second Quarter Report

LendingRobot Series finished the second quarter with a healthy YTD aggregated return of 2.7%. Each Series’ return and portfolio health is in line with projections. Since April 1st, LendingRobot Series has added over 2,800 loans to its portfolio, more than doubling the number of loans held in each series.

Platform Performance, Simplified

Since we’re constantly thinking of ways to help others understand Peer Lending returns, we’ve simplified our platform performance calculations to be more easily understood, more comparable to widely reported bond and stock market returns, and devoid of forecasts and estimations.

Risks vs Rewards of Marketplace Lending

There have been a lot of changes since Marketplace Lending was introduced in 2006, but since surviving the financial crisis of 2008 and SEC scrutiny in 2008-2009 it’s clear that Marketplace Lending is an asset class that is here to stay.