Our Clients Are Awesome

Today, we sent a ‘Monthly Report’ to our clients.

This is the kind of info they should have received:

     Expected Return: 9.04%
     Expected Value in 12 months: $136.412

Instead we sent something like that:

     Expected Return: 0.00%
     Expected Value in 12 months: $-14,450,428,383,661

Naturally, we worked on fixing the bug fast, but in the meantime here are some of the most hilarious comments we got:

“You may have a bug: my expected value is larger than our national debt” – Kamil

“Pretty bummed about that expected value in 12 months! ” – Dan

“I think your expected value is a little off” – Blake

“I’m going to owe $676 trillion in 12 months?” – Milun

“My expected isn’t looking too good.” – Lester

“O rly?” – Joe

“That’s, uh, pretty disturbing expected value.” – Brad

“No worries, but given Lending Club’s recent troubles – you could give me a heart attack with mistakes like this” – Lyle

“Wait, what?” – Jason

“I am concerned about the Expected Value of my account. Will I be held liable for 34 trillion dollars? Will there also be fees?” – Michael

And the grand winner:

“I’m really concerned to see the expected value of my account to decrease by a quadrillion dollars over the next 12 months. That’s a lot of money and I would appreciate any referrals you have for intergalactic lending institutions that can may issue me a loan in order to brace myself financially for such a shortfall.” – Keith

Dear clients… you are awesome! (and sorry for the fright)


  1. Joe says:

    Loved the expected value oops comments you posted. As someone who handles the “oops” of my company to our customers I have to say that you handled this one exceptionally well. On many levels. Great job!

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