Introducing LendingRobot Series: One-Stop Investing in Alternative Lending

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Introducing LendingRobot Series

We are proud to announce the launch of LendingRobot Series, the next step in the evolution of investment in Alternative Lending.

LendingRobot Series is the first robo-fund for alternative lending, and offers superior and predictable returns that are uncorrelated to the Stock Market. This one-stop solution brings simplicity, unmatched transparency, and improved liquidity to alternative lending by combining cloud-based automation with sophisticated machine learning.

Investors blend four distinct investment strategies to create a unique investment portfolio that matches their specific investment horizon and risk tolerance. LendingRobot Series utilizes blockchain technology to create a secure, immutable ledger of all investor and investment activities, giving investors peace of mind in the veracity of the investment data.

Diverse, Multi-platform Investment Strategy

The result of years of research and statistical analysis, LendingRobot Series takes the guesswork out of how much one should invest in each platform. LendingRobot Series is able to find and purchase loans across multiple Lending Platforms to create a highly-diversified portfolio loans that matches each Series’ investment strategy.

Transparent and Secure

At any time, investors can view the investments held in any series and track the past performance of the fund. Investors can be sure that all investment data is true and accurate, as each Series holdings, including loan details and payments, are input weekly into a secure, immutable ledger and notarized by the Ethereum Blockchain.


Investors are no longer stuck with a one-size-fits-all investment plan. Unique to alternative lending, LendingRobot Series enables investors to specify an investment strategy that matches their risk tolerance and time horizon, then change that strategy as their investment needs change.

Cashing out is simpler, too. Investors can simply flip a switch to start the liquidation process, and receive weekly disbursements as their investments are converted into cash.


Most funds are known for their high management fees and performance cut — often described as Two and Twenty, or a 2% fee on assets under management and 20% of the profits. What most funds don’t tell you is that this figure doesn’t even include the costs to run the fund itself, which takes even more of investors’ profits.

LendingRobot Series’ leverages automated account management to cut management fees in half, and limits fund operating expenses to a third of industry averages.

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