New Product for Financial Firms: LendingRobot Professional

LendingRobot Series, the new robo-fund for alternative lending, today announced a new product specifically designed for institutional investors called “LendingRobot Professional”. Based on significant interest in LendingRobot Series from wealth managers and family offices, this new product adds new, advisor-focused features and functionality to LendingRobot’s fully automated solution for alternative lending. The new product is optimized for multi-clients advisors, and let them specify target risks and maturities for each individual client.

Launched just two months ago LendingRobot Series has already received a third of its current subscription limit, and over 800 investors signed up on the waiting list within a week of launch. All of the loans the fund has invested are in paying on time so far.

“The initial reaction to LendingRobot Series has been overwhelming to say the least,” said LendingRobot CEO, Emmanuel Marot. “The desire for a simple, diversified, flexible, and liquid solution to invest in alternative lending was always apparent to our company, but we had no idea so many investors were just biding their time for the right solution to come along.”

In addition to the strong demand from individuals, LendingRobot Series has received substantial interest from professional investors such as wealth managers, financial planners and financial advisors. In order to better serve their particular needs, LendingRobot Professional delivers the ability to deploy and monitor large pools of investor funds across multiple lending origination platforms with the same speed and simplicity as individuals. The new LendingRobot Professional also lowers the minimum investment for each investor under the umbrella of a fund or advisor account, as the $250,000 minimum can be met with a large pool of investors contributing only a portion of that amount.

In a first for the industry, LendingRobot Series becomes also the first fund to be directly accessible to foreign investors. following potential clients in Europe or China inquiring about how to access this new US-based investment opportunity.

“Our mission as a company has always been to allow individuals to compete with large institutions in securing the best loans and maximizing their returns using sophisticated technology historically inaccessible to that group of investors,” continued Mr. Marot. “Now that our technology has matured and we have established the LendingRobot fund, there is no reason not to bring this offering to professionals as well with the promise that what we are offering actually provides a better solution than what currently exists for their needs.”

Advisors interested in the new LendingRobot Pro product can sign up at

About LendingRobot:
LendingRobot is a fully automated investment service for peer lending platforms including Lending Club and Prosper. After signing up for a LendingRobot account, investors select their risk tolerance and enable LendingRobot to instantly make investments on their behalf. Based in Seattle, Washington, LendingRobot has raised $3 million in Series A funding led by Runa Capital.

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