There’s fast, and now there’s REALLY FAST

Starting today, LendingRobot gives its users the option to submit orders through the Lending Club API. The API (short for application programming interface) is a way for software services to interact directly with the Lending Club platform.

Using that API requires that you first activate it with Lending Club, but is definitely worth the extra effort: when using Lending Club API, LendingRobot can submit orders within 2 seconds on average.

Another cool new feature is that now LendingRobot shows an availability estimate for each rule: when editing a rule, you can see how many matching loans per week you can expect, and how much money can be invested every week using that rule.

Estimates are based on loans from recent weeks – how many loans in average match the rule’s criteria. Availability estimates allow you to better tailor your investment strategy to the amount of cash you want to deploy.


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