2015 in 5 numbers

As the year is coming to an end, we wanted to say one thing for all of our clients who use and trust LendingRobot with their peer lending investments…

thank you

This was an amazing year for peer lending in general, and for LendingRobot in particular. Here are 5 numbers that summarize the ride we had this year:

3 million

Amount of money we raised in our Series A in January

533 percent

Yearly growth in assets managed by LendingRobot


Number of full-time employees (up from 3 last year)

1335000 orders

Number of investment orders submitted for clients this year alone

9.73 percent

Average annual expected return for our clients

We are very thankful for a fantastic year, and we look forward to continue serving our clients in 2016!


  1. Lincolnf says:

    When you say “expected return,” do you have an explanation at your site about how that’s calculated? Thanks.

    1. Vanessa Hoying Vanessa Hoying says:

      Absolutely! We wrote a blog post about calculating expected returns of a single note a little while ago, click here: http://blog.lendingrobot.com/research/calculating-expected-return-of-note/

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