Prosper Marketplace updates their API

On December 10th Prosper Marketplace released a new Application Program Interface, or API. This new API requires that clients grant permission individually to any company that trades on their behalf.

From Prosper’s announcement:

    “The new, re-architectured platform provides a number of benefits over the old API, including:

    • significant performance and scalability improvement,
    • industry-standard authentication flow,
    • and comprehensive filtering and sorting capabilities

We are also thrilled to introduce you to our new developer documentation site:, where you can find comprehensive documentation on this new API platform as well as Prosper’s future developer initiatives…


If you use a third party agent, please watch out for announcements from them and work with them to grant them permission to access your Prosper account, so that you can continue to use their service uninterrupted.

LendingRobot has migrated to the new API. All Prosper note purchasing and reporting for all clients has halted until access is granted to LendingRobot.

The steps to resume access are as follows:

  1. Clients must log into their LendingRobot dashboard
  2. Select the appropriate Prosper account from the left sidebar menu
  3. A link will be provided to the correct Prosper webpage in order to grant access to the account
  4. Client selects “Write & Read Access,” enters their Prosper email and password, and selects “Grant Access”
  5. All Prosper activity resumes


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