Be Friendly – It Just Got Easier!

[Update: The $5,000 bonus for referring a friend promotion ended on 5/24/2016]

We believe there is no better endorsement than recommending a service you like to a friend. We are honored that so many of our clients join LendingRobot after being referred by existing users. To show our appreciation, both the referrer and the referee receive an extra $5,000 managed for free.

Previously, this extra balance was applied when the referee entered their credit card information.  This helped verify that the clients signing up were real people.  But this often caused confusion; why enter your credit card information if you’re not actually paying for anything?

Starting today we’re making it more straightforward to be rewarded for referring a friend. Once a friend submits their first investment order with LendingRobot the referrer will receive their bonus $5,000 managed for free — no more credit card required.  

So go ahead, be friendly, and share LendingRobot with your friends — it just got easier.

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  1. Ben says:

    Would be even better if the referee also got a small bonus managed for free.

    1. Vanessa Hoying Vanessa Hoying says:

      Hi Ben,

      That is correct, when a referee signs up through the referrer’s referral link they receive an additional $5K managed for free (totaling $10K managed for free) instead of only getting the $5K managed for free at sign up.

      Hope this clarifies,

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