Introducing LendingRobot Dashboard, the free mobile app to monitor investments in Peer Lending

When we created LendingRobot, we envisioned it as a ‘setup and forget’ service. Open an account, choose your risk profile and that’s it. No need to come back. We’ll send email updates to keep you informed.

This is why we were quite surprised when we realized that many of our clients visit our website sometimes as often as once per day. Are they constantly changing their strategy? Hopefully not. They want to keep an eye on their investment, for instance:

  • What kind of notes do I own?
  • What loans made payments, which ones are becoming late?
  • How much do I have? How much am I making?
  • How does my portfolio evolve over time?

While only a minority of our traffic comes from mobile devices, it represents a significant share of those frequent visitors. LendingRobot’s website is optimized for mobile browsing, so are websites from Lending Club, Prosper, or Funding Circle.

But access through a dedicated app is more convenient. Why not use the marketplaces’ mobile app then? Easy… they don’t exist. Peer Lending is a multi-billion dollar industry that isn’t fully supporting the mobile Internet (Prosper Daily, ex-BillGuard, is for expense monitoring, not investing).

We thought we could do something about that…

So here it is, LendingRobot Dashboard: an iOs and Android application to monitor investments in Peer Lending.


  • Support for multiple Lending Club, Prosper, and Funding Circle accounts
  • Works either if you’re a LendingRobot client or not
  • Unique health graph shows the proportion of notes in good standing
  • Current and projected financial returns, evolution of total notes value and cash amount, time to maturity, etc…
  • Interactive mosaic chart showing the value and returns by account (unified view) or by grade (single account view)
  • Automatically sync-up with latest portfolio activity in the background, thanks to LendingRobot cloud architecture
  • LendingRobot clients can log-in with their usual credentials
  • 100% free

You can download the LendingRobot Dashboard application from here:



From now on, it is also possible to use LendingRobot to only monitor investment, and not necessarily invest. When adding an account, choose the option ‘Monitor only’.



  1. Andy Hodges says:

    This is really great! I love the new mobile app.

  2. Ron Chen says:

    What a great app…beautiful and helpful. I would appreciate it if you would consider enhancing the app or your website to include analytics regarding the ROI of notes with the option of breaking out such info by grade, loan purpose, etc. I’ve been using NSR for this purpose but would love LendingRobot to be my “one stop shop.”

    1. Vanessa Hoying Vanessa Hoying says:

      Thank you, we appreciate your feedback! Currently, you can see the expected return by grade if you select your portfolio graph.

  3. William Craig Shields says:

    Just migrated away from Android to Windows Phone 10 to leverage Windows 10 desktop synergy. Many are leaving Android. Can’t comment on iOS. Please consider a universal app for Windows 10 ecosystem.

    1. Vanessa Hoying Vanessa Hoying says:

      Thank you for the feedback!

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